Knee Pain

Can an Osteopath treat my knee pain?

Can an Osteopath treat my knee pain?

Many endure knee pain at some point in a lifetime. This sophisticated joint is much more complex than you may be aware. As well as flexion and extension, (forwards and backwards) movements there is also a rotational aspect. All this has to happen whilst pivoting on two half rings of cartilage called meniscus.

The protection of the joint comes from its strong’s capsule and ligaments attached around the its periphery and the bony knee cap or patella. All these and more areas are prone to potential damage and possible causes of your knee pain.

The trigger of how the injury started is vitally important because this will give your Osteopath the relevant information of the mechanisms involved at the time thereby being able to determine which structures were being stressed at the injury time. Believe it or not but the pain you are suffering from in your knee may not be coming from the knee at all and may be a consequence of damage or weakness else where.

While it maybe simple to remedy a knee pain, you need to understand the real cause behind your knee pain before going on to eliminate it. The knee is the most complicated joint that we use for many activities; including walking, jogging, jumping, running, sitting down, standing up and etc.

Strengthening the muscles around the knee joint can be very effective in combating knee pain.  However you may need to target a single muscle or group of muscles in order to over come your pain.  Both general exercises for strength, conditioning and specific exercises, (once a thorough assessment has been undertaken) for a particular complaint are well in the realm of your Osteopath at True Alignment. We generally demonstrate the exercises to you and then get you to do them as your homework in between treatments. Just setting off doing any old exercises may complicate or further damage the injured tissues / joint so please consult a professional.