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Past Osteopathic patients’ comments and testimonials.

Some of the True Alignment Clinic’s past Osteopathy patients have opted to comment on our excellent service. Why listen to us when you can hear directly from our patients?

Lorraine, Disley

“I went to see Roy after years of putting up with a bad back. Within 6 Treatments I was virtually pain free. I found him very ‘hands on’ with a pleasant and approachable attitude. He has a great understanding of his profession. I would highly recommend him.”

Alan, Hazel Grove

“After many years of trying to ‘fix’ my back with pain killers, physio and exercise, I was guided to you through my doctor. From the start of my treatment to date, there has been a great improvement and now I am pain free for the first time in ages, it seems. Thanks to your efforts, my life is a changed thing. I will maintain the top ups as required, but ‘bravo’, you fixed me.”

Carole, Altrincham

“Before I went to True Alignment for treatment on my hips, I was in constant pain, walked with a stoop, and had many disturbed nights.

“After going for a couple of months for weekly sessions, I have been given a new lease of life. I am walking normally, virtually pain free and sleep like a baby every night.”

Mr. D.W., Hazel Grove

“Osteopathy is highly recommended for MS sufferers. The nature of the disease means muscles go into spasm with resulting cramp, usually in the legs and back. Roy has the ability to ask the right questions and ease out the stressed areas, giving long term relief. This is essential for sufferers to maintain reasonable mobility. I cannot praise Roy enough for ‘keeping me going’ and alleviating pain.”

Andrew, Brooklands

“Roy’s expertise and perseverance treated my chronic shoulder injury back to full fitness, where doctors and physios alike had given me the diagnosis ‘untreatable’ or ‘learn to live with it’ and had thrown various drugs and injections at the problem all to no avail.

“My experience with Roy went much further than simply the injury itself; to have been given a lifeline from Roy when there seemed to be no option available to treat the injury was a huge confidence boost and Roy also helped improve my general lifestyle.

“After receiving a genuinely life changing experience with Roy, I am now pursuing a career in the same field and I would recommend him to anyone, no matter what type of problem, Roy will find the solution.”

Rick, Sale

“True Alignment has helped me back from numerous injuries from ankle to shoulder. In my line of work injury can prevent me from doing my job correctly and also affects my personal hobbies. This can be very de-motivating when you are physically active all the time and cannot do all that you want.

“I am happy to say that True Alignment provides not only modern practice, but an experienced member of staff who not only works with you to help you through your injury but talks you through what he is doing. True Alignment has excellent customer service and you are always made to feel that you are their number one priority, this being a reason I have been back numerous times.

“I would recommend True Alignment to anyone who wants the professional treatment they deserve.”

Lisa, Chorley

“Initially a friend recommended True Alignment to me, after having suffered for six months with a strong pain in my thigh that was affecting my circuit training. I was initially nervous, but after just a few minutes into the consultation I felt relaxed and confident I was in safe and competent hands. I highly recommend this practitioner.”

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