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    Welcome to True Alignment

    An Osteopathic and Laser Clinic in Sale, Cheshire.

Welcome to True Alignment.

An Osteopathic Clinic in Sale, Cheshire. From consultation through to treatment you will come to experience the best of care

  • Hip Pain
Your Osteopath maybe able to help. The hip has very similar mechanics to the shoulder, but scarifies mobility for stability and so it is important to establish why pain is being experienced. Read more on Hip pain
  • Knee Pain
Many endure knee pain at some point in a lifetime. This sophisticated joint is much more complex than you may be aware. As well as flexion and extension, (forwards and backwards) movements there is also a rotational aspect. Read more on Knee pain
  • Ankle Pain
There are 26 bones in the human foot, 28 if you include two sesamoid bones (bones in a tendon). With this number of individual bones you can imagine their complexity of movement. Read more on Ankle pain
  • Online Store

True Alignment Osteopathic Clinic in Sale, Cheshire are proud to a the up and coming launch of our new online store

  • Neck Pain

Although there are many causes for neck pain most require simple intervention to remedy the problem. Read more on Neck Pain 

  • Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems including pain and restriction can be a common aliment of many people, whether it affects your social, working or sporting activities. Read more on Shoulder pain

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All our latest news and service information, updated regularly.

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Explicit Consent

This form will be presented to you on your initial visit to True Alignment and you will be asked to read through carefully and thoroughly.  Once you

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